Saturday, April 7, 2007

San Pedro

"La Medicina" is what the indiginous people call this haluciganic tea made of the cactus San Pedro, or San Perdrito. It is used to help with whatever problem one has who takes it, with the guidance of a a so called Sabio, or Shaman. The cactus grows only at specific places close to fresh water like rivers or lakes.

One cuts only the green skin of the cactus and one boiles it for two days putting in the skin in the same water, as to create a high concantration of Mescaline.

Normaly the tea is consumed in ceremonies guided by the Sabio. A ceremony normally begins in the evening and lasts till the break of dawn. First all participants smoke tabaco to make contact with the spirit of San Pedro and ask for answers to whatever questions they have. It may be to find clarity in ones actions, or a cure for an illness or prosperity in ones work. Then the medicine is consumed followed by singing. While singing participants have to again focus on their personal questions. Followed by on other consumption of the tea, an other smoke, one last consumption, a "Limpo", a cleaning of the negative energy in the bodies of the participants and then a ceremonial meal.

If used correctly, it is used to obtain personal strenght in order to find answers, conscience or unconscience to the questions one has during such a ceremony.

Most people tend to forget this aspect of the ceremony and rely totally on the words and capacities of the Sabio, who most of the time ends the ceremony with a "Limpio", giving the people the idea that after the cleaning the can live there lives just like before, with the idea that they had a "Limpo", making them feel better without profound changes. Of course there are these who deal different with the effects of San Pedro and use it to learn about their lives and thoughts and starts over with new insights optained during such a ceremony


Fart said...

Did you drink the tea, dude?

Did the dog have any interresting questions during the ceremony?

Y otras cosas interesantes said...

I drank the tea, it was quite good, concerning taste. But it was a weak tea and did no make me have any conversations with the dog, or the fire or a spirit of any kind. I helped out the guy on my right who was the left hand of the Sabio and took care of a sweet little indian woman on my left side, giving making sure her feet where kept warm. But it proofed to be more a test of the will to keep awake and sit up right, and I passed that test.

Fart said...

That definitely looks like a sweet little indian woman, good thing you kept her feet warm :D

Are you sure the tea was weak, couldn't it be that there just ain't any questions left to be answered by those spirits since the end of the world is near? :D Maybe your questions were to difficult for them?

Y otras cosas interesantes said...

Could be, don't know. As a matter of fact i can't say if i was halucinating or not. Hard to tell, at first i would say "no". I felt different for sure, very undderstanding, ready to stay awake, and watchful over my nabour(s, the fire and the ceremony. who says this wasn't the effect of the medicine. There was a lot of mutual understanding among the attendents and words where spoken by those who wished to share their proposition. "May the medicine give us insight in our choises we have to make", followed by someone else saying: "And let it also show us where to find the strenght to see and make our choises. May it help eachone of us to face our fears so that we can keave then behind". Follow by the shamaan: "Let the medicine help us understand we are one and the same, feeding from the same earth, drinking the same water, matterless the colour of our skin, the language we speek, or the place we live. Let it show us the universal love that bonds all of us and let that force help us to make choises."
And what where my questions, i hear you asking, mi proposito, show me the energy with which we are bond to all exicting things. Show what is gravity and how it functions.

Anonymous said...

You write very well.