Thursday, April 5, 2007

Buscando otros Mundos

"Seeking other worlds"
Of course it is clear that people tend to have the same driving forces behind their way of life. Especially in western societies it is very clear which are the driving forces behind the peoples actions. For example the need to have goals, to mean something, to be important, to be loved, to seperate yourself from others, to create an unique identity. But also the fear to loose, especially things one charishes, fear of things that are different or unknown, the fear of solitude, the fear of death.
In short one is driven by 2 things, will and fear. One has to be aware that will is not allways your own for most of the times it is a will formed by conditionings coming forth for society and history. The same counts for fear.

Of course there are many other cultures on our bonito mundo that share these driving forces. And there are cultures that deal with them completely different. But it is in the small, sheer forgotten cultures where one can find a different world, driven by respect in stead of fear, and where individual will is not regarded with such high moral necesity for they know we are more NOT individuals then indivuals because, like Neo said in a post here: "We are one". We are more simular the we are different. So why act like it?


Anonymous said...

Boudie Gozer,
Amigo. Todo bien en un pais extranjer.. Valentina wil je graag zien. Daar heeft ze nu al een paar keer om gevraagd. Wanneer je terug bent dan. Post veel. We lezen alles.


Fart said...

People in our western world certainly lost their respect, for nature, for you, for me and for themselves.

They search the world for artifacts that will increase their uniqueness level, focusing on the outside while the real uniqueness lies within.

And I can't prove them wrong. If you want to go with the western flow, you will have to let go of your principles. You cannot resist the will of the people.
This is of course extremely contradictive, not escaping from being externally unique because all the unique souls want you to join them.

I guess having money, having good prospects, living in the lucky part of the world, not having to worry about self-development except your job, too much fake/illogical concepts memorized because of television, magazines, mainstream news, government acts, western-religion, luxury in general.. living in that bubble where everything tends to be in control (by whom?) creates a being that rationalizes according to shortsighted, selfish and irrational concepts of live.
The western world is like the new F22 fighter jet; it is designed unstable and can only be controlled by a computer.

Unknown said...

he lieve Bouzieee,
wat een mooie reis ben je aan het maken! supra tof.. plaats maar lekker veel foto's en verhaaltjes, dan kan ik af en toe even wegdromen over de mooie dingen in het leven die af en toe aan me voorbij gaan tijdens drukte in het fabriekerige AMC
Veel liefs Eva (kikoh)