Saturday, April 7, 2007



Anonymous said...

With the guidance of La Medicina of Sablo San Pedro, what questions came up? What uncertainties of the inner world could be solved?

La Condamine searched the outer world with only an uncertain map, made some 60 years earlier. Thanks to his experience and knowledge he was able to improve that map considerably.

We face uncertainties of a different kind when we read how our world is warming up or will soon be destroyed by our hands. What are we seeking in Amazonia? Between 1990 and 2000 the area deforested in Brazil was 2.5 hectare per year (source IPCC 2006). What does that figure mean? Will we also see signs of re-forestation? Will we find terra preta, a possible sign of previous cultures that have been there and a reminder of how this region could be sustained?

May knowledge of Amazonia, together with insights obtained from San Pedro, help us to improve the map of both our inner and outer world.

Catherine Marchand said...

Hi Bouzo
como estas? estuvé leyendo con mucho interes tu viaje y tu capitulo de la medicina San Pedro. Habia oido de ella en un libro americano. Tal vez hablemos de esto la proxima vez que nos vemos. Muy buenas las fotos con tus padres y hermano.
estoy muy curiosa de sus aventuras en el amazona.
Beso para todos y saludos